Red Colour Sun - Pauline Scanlon

Compass Records

Oh, those Lunasa boys know how to cherry-pick the best buds from the Black Rose. The band's bassist, Trevor Hutchinson introduced us to the sublime sweetness of Grada, now Lunasa guitarist, Donagh Hennessy opens our ears to another Irish vocal marvel, Pauline Scanlon. To be fair, accordionist, Sharon Shannon has tapped into Pauline's vocal talents for a couple of years now. Stage centre, within the context of her album debut Red Colour Sun, Pauline's voice radiates warmth and emotional intensity without histrionics.Carving out a middle ground somewhere between Sinead O'Connor's crackling yodels and Emer Kenny's 'wafer-thin' whispers, Pauline offers an unaffected Irish voice which is supremely suited to showcasing the strength of the traditional material she's chosen. Apart from some outstanding Irish ballads, Pauline treats us to the song craft of Willie Nelson, Peggy Seeger, even Don McLean (Who knew he wrote anything else besides American Pie?). Production-wise, Hennessy and Co. have taken care to frame neatly without boxing in Pauline's charm.