World 2004 - Various Artists

Wrasse Records

Global music has expanded tenfold in the past decade and it's a big world indeed. It's encouraging to know that there are so many world music makers on our planet that sometimes opening your ears isn't enough, you have to check in with another's perspective. Thanks to Wrasse Records we in North America can have an annual check up with broadcaster, Charlie Gillett at the BBC and hear what he is being exposed to these days. For 2004, Charlie's assembled an amazingly unpredictable two CD set. He's hand-picked choice cuts from the four corners, much of which has never reached the shores of the new world. The liner notes are a little more anecdotal than factoid which is disappointing for those eager to read about the intriguing artists they're most probably hearing from for the first time. And, every one of the 34 tracks has something going on you'll want to know more about.