Uma Batida Diferente - Bossacucanova

Six Degrees

They say to be truly creative you have to think outside of the box. So it stands to reason that those born without boxes never have to waste time learning this. Maybe that's why Bossacucanova's learning curve has been so steep. The trio of DJ, bass and keyboards grew up in the musical scene around Ipanema which is too free and immense to be contained. Their first Six Degrees self titled album reflected three creative souls mixing the Brazilian sounds they heard all around them with the global influences they were increasingly being exposed too. The formula received a further coat of polish and authentic Brazilian soul on their second album recorded with the legendary guitarist/composer, Roberto Menescal. Uma Batida Diferente, their third effort expands on the Menescal experiment, featuring the trio in collaboration with a host of great writers and performers like Celso Fonseca, Marcos Valle, Zuco 103 and once again, Roberto Menescal. Every track benefits from an irresistible union of experienced composition and creative mixology.