Loteria de la Cumbia Lounge - Charanga Cakewalk


The Cakewalk originated among southern plantation slave workers in the eighteen hundreds. The dance poked fun at the formal mannerisms of the elite in the ‘master’s house’. Charanga Cakewalk updates the concept with a twist of Latin Lounge atmospheres both real and virtual. Charanga Cakewalk is the brainchild of studio whiz and sideman extraordinaire, Michael Ramos. He’s performed alongside John Mellencamp, Paul Simon, The Bo Deans and The Rembrandts but this project reflects his own, personal vision. Michael describes the new album, Loteria de la Cumbia Lounge as “a pan-Latin American martini made with equal parts traditional instruments and deep, urban grooves.” It's a brilliant piece of global music sophistication that still pokes a little fun at elitism.