The Duhks - The Duhks

Sugar Hill

Why did the duhk cross the border? So the 'Bird' of the Banjo, Bela Fleck could mix their new album of course. Actually I've heard no word that the Winnipeg band is planning to defect south but they are definitely fixing their sites on an expanded market. After many years and albums as Scruj McDuhk and later in their new incarnation as just The Duhks featuring former -Victoria fiddle whiz Tania Elizabeth and new singer Jessica Harvey, the group appears poised to reintroduce themselves in a bigger way. Bela Fleck is a great choice for producer of the new self-titled disc. Head Duhk, Leonard Podolak is a highly imaginative banjo picker himself and probably had Bela pegged for the job in his dreams for quite a while now. While the album is to be filed under 'Folk' their eclectic sound entitles The Duhks to come up with their own, wild terms of classification from "progressive soul-grass" to "kick-ass rock/folk fusion" and ya, there's plenty of Celtic in the mix along with Quebecois and Appalachian influences. This new album may just be their ticket to leaving the nest and taking on the world. Fly away little Duhks and Godspeed.