Waiting For An Echo - Solas


Solas is making traditional Irish music for those who may never have developed a taste for the stuff in the first place. Really, anyone can appreciate the caliber of the quintet's musicianship or the exquisite musical conversation between these long-associated performers without being a fan of gnarly old Celtic.True to their Gaelic name, Solas are shining a contemporary 'light' on Irish folk music without going so far as to turn it into something it's not.However, each successive Solas album does reflect the band's explorative nature, bringing a new emotion to the fore or fusing a new sound to their assembled voice. There are several good examples on Waiting For An Echo. Seamus Egan drives the band with his instrumental versatility and virtuosity, creating gorgeous guitar textures with Eamon McElholm on tunes like The Coconut Dog and the Hanover Reel. Deirdre Scanlon sings sweetly on The Ploughman (undoubtedly for many the first pick from the album). It's poppy familiarity is unhinged just enough with an Eastern European counterpoint of fiddle and accordion. If Solas are sounding the depths, seeking more converts to their song craft, they should be pleased with the echo that returns