Sweet England - Jim Moray

Giraffe Records

Sweet England is the sweet taste of discovery. You need the patience of a prospector to sift through the music of world. But, when the glint of something golden catches your ear it's more than worthwhile, it's revolutionary.Jim Moray is a 23 year old Brit who's making music for the best reason ... for himself. And, it's filling void that until yet has not been filled. As he puts it, "no one's doing visceral boy's folk music so it's my prerogative to make it (read his enlightening interview with Celt In A Twist host Patricia Fraser in this newsletter). Jim's taken classic English folk melodies (you'll recognize many once you hear them) and, with the help of Simon Emmerson and Mass from the Afro Celts has exploded them with 'Floydian' progressive artistry. Brian Wilson took decades of obsessing to complete the opus, Smile. In Sweet England, Jim Moray reveals an equal production marvel recorded mostly by himself in his home recording studio! The album is like the ring of bell on a foggy evening ... a portent of good or bad. The thrill is in the the chill you'll feel up your spine upon hearing it. Sweet England is a bittersweet flavor that always draws you back for just one more taste.