Live D'Amor - Cesaria Evora


There aren’t many singers past sixty years of age who still find their careers spiraling upwards. But then, there are few singers like Cape Verde’s gift to the world, the incomparable Cesaria Evora who seems to have boundless energy. Her latest studio CD, Voz D’Amor was recorded in Paris during breaks in her busy touring schedule. Cize as she’s known to her friends, takes the pace in stride remarking, “Since there always seems to be so little time, over the years I have found this the best way to do a recording.” In Paris she’s also found a large and loyal fan base and as a treat to them, she performed a special concert of new material at the city’s oldest and largest movie theatre. Live D'Amor captures this performance at the Le Grand Rex. Bonus material includes a backstage chat, a look at the Voz d'Amor recording sessions and a charming video clip called Mar de canal, dedicated to the World Food Program, a charitable organization working in schools to address child hunger. Cesaria Evora has become a darling of the world stage but she still calls Sao Vicente home, the capital of the remote island nation of Cape Verde. The acclaimed diva performs barefoot as a symbol of solidarity with the ordinary folk of Cape Verde, whose hard work is celebrated on this new DVD release.