10 - The Planet Smashers

Stomp Records

The Planet Smashers have a taste for both simple ska and elaborate libations.They celebrate their 10th anniversary together as Montreal’s Kings of Ska, with a commemorative DVD. And, one of their favorite ways to celebrate is with a visit to an authentic Tiki Bar like Jardin’s, a Montreal landmark. Maybe it’s those paper parasols or maybe it’s the exotic drink names but something keeps these boys ordering more rounds. The boys debate the finer points of mixology over a few rounds in one of the interview segments as part of the '10' DVD package. What will attract most viewers however are the 12 light-hearted and clever video clips. They've recorded some inspired and satirical tunes over the decade including Surfin' In Tofino and I Wish I Were American. Oh, and there's a complete animated feature called Catman, which may not have Halle Berry's delectable body in dom gear like Hollywood's overblown Catwoman fiasco, but the story doesn't suck either.