Master View - Hexstatic

Ninja Tune

This DVD/ CD tour de force takes its concept from those wonderful old viewmasters while it takes the concept of music videos into the realm of 3D. British electronica artists, Stuart Warren Hill and Robin Brunson, better known as Hexstatic, have been experimenting with audio –visual projects for almost ten years. After returning from a holiday in Brazil’s Salvador de Bahia, they painstakingly cut images out of the film footage they shot on location, to make a montage called Salvador that can be viewed in 3D, complete with the authentic sounds of the berimbau and samba drums. The package even provides you a pair of those blue and red cardboard glasses which work to varying degree depending on the resolution of your TV. While in Brazil, Hill and Brunson dropped by a bird sanctuary, which inspired one of Master View’s most compelling tracks.Featuring the soaring vocals of Japanese singer Miki Tanabe and one remarkable lip-synching or should I say, beak synching parrot, Perfect Bird is weird and wonderful as is most of the rest of the 11 beat-driven clips on Master View. Various - Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2K4 Exposed (Advance Dynamics) - Carnival time in Trinidad and Tobago is a sight to behold. Of course, if you’re not lucky enough to attend this outrageous pre-lent party in person, you’ll just have to take that on good faith. But hang on … now thanks to a new award-winning DVD collection, everyone can experience a little of the colour, music and energy of one of the greatest shows on earth. There are Carnival celebrations around the world but Trinidad and Tobago claim bragging rights to one of the wildest. Each January for two days before Ash Wednesday pandemonium appears to reign in the streets of Port of Prince. But, in fact the revelry is carefully planned and choreographed weeks in advance to make the spectacle even more dazzling and outrageous.Carnival T’n T-style is about a culture celebrating itself in unity while the raucous parties or fetes pay head to a simple human need to play and make believe. Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2K4 Exposed captures all the colour and pageantry with quality production values and frenetic soca soundtracks. Despite the pressing throng of humanity, Trinidad and Tobago Carnival is said to be an individual experience. For those willing to take the plunge, it’s an opportunity to learn about joy and the art of living