Live At The Fillmore - Ozomatli

Concord Records

Afro-Latin rockers, Ozomatli have survived the growing pains of eleven years touring in each other’s company. To follow the Grammy-winning Street Signs CD, the band has captured some of that energy from the road in a live performance audio and video release recorded at the fabled Fillmore in San Francisco. As trumpeter and singer, Asdru Sierra puts it, “Every album is like a milestone … like that little notch you make on the door post as you grow in height as a child. We’ve grown and we hope this new album reflects that.” Ozo’s philosophy states that, “Music is the key to every culture. It’s the beginning of an understanding.” That’s not to say that this boundary-shaking ten –piece hasn’t had a few misunderstandings along the way. In 2004, two members of the band were arrested for assault after a confrontation with police in Austin, Texas. When asked to leave the stage after their performance at the 2005 WOMAD festival in Adelaide, Australia, they leaped into the crowd to continue with a 45 minute encore! Live At The Fillmore comes with a DVD that’s packed with live performance footage and some enlightening behind-the-scenes moments with the band and their fans. The two nearly always become inseparable by the end of each show.