Buddy Where You Been? - Compadres

Celtino Music

What keeps world music a step ahead is the dialogue it encourages across barriers of language and culture. It leads to innovation and collaboration and … in some instances, to lasting friendships. But, music can also create a synergy between players that can bond them together in a way that surpasses mere friendship. In Spanish they are called compadres. Compadres are two brothers from different mothers; both exceptional guitarists, united by a unique fusion of Celtic roots and Latino flamenco which they’ve dubbed, ‘Celtino Music’. After a ten year separation Compadres are touring again with an album appropriately titled, “Buddy Where You Been?” James Keelaghan and Oscar Lopez have been through individual struggles since they released their first Celtic and Latin collaboration under the name Compadres a decade a go. Reuniting and recording a new album together appears to be just the tonic they both needed to reignite their careers.

Key Tracks: Buddy Where You Been?, Playa, Compromiso