Fresh Horses - Jim Byrnes

Jim Byrnes has one of those instantly recognizable faces, especially if you were a fan of the TV shows Wiseguy or Highlander. For Canadian blues fans, it’s Jim’s unmistakable, raspy voice that rings a bell. He was born and raised on the north side of St. Louis in ‘real blues country. He’s been riding the blues trail in the company of legends like Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker and Albert Collins for about 40 years. For his latest album, Jim found some Fresh Horses in Vancouver’s purveyors of ‘Strang’, Jesse Zubot and Steve Dawson. Jim says, "I leapt at the chance to create a musical dialogue with the finest players of a new generation … sort of like sons and fathers. Adding…It’s been a long, hard road so thank the Lord for fresh horses!" Fresh Horses was completed in just three days after Jim Byrnes and his new band mates locked themselves in a Vancouver recording studio. After four decades of playing the blues, what’s the highlight of Jim’s career? He remembers “sitting in a room with Muddy Waters who proceeded to show the young Jim a couple of licks on the guitar.” Talk about learning from the best! It’s been said that originality is simply a fresh pair of eyes. What helped Jim Byrnes create a new take on the spiritual soul of the blues was simply a pair of fresh horses named Jesse Zubot and Steve Dawson. The ensuing dialogue between the blues veteran and the acoustic music prodigies has produced an album that is true to Jim’s roots and is freshly innovative in an organic, acoustic kind of way.