Su - Mercan Dede


Turkish- born DJ/producer, Mercan Dede mer-shun day-day believes that by combining the ancient and the modern, you can create a universal language to bridge generations. Starting with the entrancing musical traditions of Sufi mysticism, Mercan adds his own vocabulary of beats, samples and electronics to create a poetic fusion of sounds. Mercan believes, “These things are not separate and the essence of Sufism is counterpoint. Everything exists with its opposite.” Opposites attract on his latest release called 'Su', the Turkish word for 'Water'. The Bosphorous River, which flows through Istanbul provided not only the inspiration but the concept for this recording. Mercan considers, “When you watch a river in the same spot all your life, you never see the same water twice.” When he was recording Su, each artist he brought in to collaborate on the project brought a new element. “Like water,” he says, “music needs to flow.” And, he believes his music should flow with direction and purpose. Everything about the disc; from the number of tracks to the cover design and colours to the names of the songs has a symbolic connection to Sufi beliefs. One of Su's standout compositions, Ab-i Cesm is performed by Turkish singer, Sabahat Akkiraz. The song makes reference to the Iraqi city of Karbala where the prophet Mohammed was killed. It’s dedicated to those who have recently lost their lives in Iraq