Agua Pa' La Gente - Hip Hop Hoodios


Imagine The Beastie Boys jamming with Ozomatli and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what Albany, New York’s Hip Hop Hoodios have to offer. But, if you’re looking for a cultural reference, you have to go back in history. Hip Hop Hoodios founder, Josh Norek explains, “The band’s sound can be traced back to Spain when Jews, Moors and Christians were living together. He says Jewish culture influenced Latin music and there are certain melodies in salsa that go back to Sephardic songs.” But we won’t get all caught up in analyzing their music because frankly, they’re just having fun with it. Their new album, Agua Pa’ La Gente or Water For The People is brimming with tongue in cheek rhymes combined with some booty shaking beats.Cultural cross-pollination doesn't get any crazier than Hip Hop Hoodios. One track Gorrito Cosmico was chosen out of 200 songs for a recent Volkswagen ad campaign.You can get your copy of Agua Pa’ La Gente at the band’s website, and it comes with a money-back guarantee! Norek firmly believes, “people should stick up for their record.” He figures, “Hip Hop Hoodios will probably sell more CDs when people see they’re putting their money where their rap is.”