Tekitoi - Rachid Taha

Wrasse Records

The title of Rachid Taha’s new album, Tekitoi – is colloquial French for, “Who Are You?” and just who is Rachid Taha anyway? Well, this Algerian rocker embodies the attributes of a true world musician; a fearlessness of exploring territory outside of his comfort zone and a conviction to hold fast to his post-modern view of the world. Through his impressive body of work Rachid has presented Arabic-infused interpretations of Cajun, African and even Mexican mariachi music. Through his rebellious determination to reflect the issues of the day, he sees himself as “an advocate of all cultures.” The highlight of Tekitoi is a blistering tribute to Joe Strummer of The Clash. Rachid's reinterpretation of Rock The Casbah brings the classic tune back even closer to its inspiration than the original, with dumbek percussion and oud ornamentation. Strummer was one of Rachid's punk heroes and the Algerian/Parisian went to great lengths to make sure his Arabic cover of that song was a fitting tribute. He explains, “The lyrics were translated exactly as they were written by The Clash, using professors of Arabic language just to make sure”.