Sole - Manze Dayila and The Nago Nation

When life casts you adrift, your driving desire is that when and if you make landfall, a better existence awaits. Manze Dayila was 18 and pregnant when she floated in a make-shift, leaky boat from Haiti to America. Six days later in a Miami detention center, she gave birth to a baby girl. Her debut album, Solé is a powerful affirmation of gratitude for life, her courage and the beautiful music she was destined to make not in Haiti, but in New York City. Her songs percolate with heady, dark rhythms steeped in the Vodou traditions she learned while growing up in St. Marc. Coincidentally, her powerful, bell-like delivery over the Afro-Caribbean poly-rhythms reminds the listener of another voodoo child, Benin's Angelique Kidjo. Maybe they will become fast friends over tea in their adopted Manhattan hometown. Manze's faith in life's ability to affect real change has also brought her in step with another figure who looms large in America right now. She was inspired to release a new single in support of Governor Barack Obama called 'Change' . She explains, "When I look at Barack Obama and listen to him speak, I can see and hear his determination for change. We are all children of the world, deserve to live better, have better education, better health care. I believe in his message that war is not the answer. I think he can change our situation into a better one. I think this is change we all need." Key Tracks: Kwi, That Feeling