Grande Finale - Magnifico

ARIH Debra Idelja

Slovenia is the perfect place to give birth to the last of the Balkan desperados. Nestled between the Adriatic Sea and the Italian Alps, it has defiantly survived the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire and Soviet rule as a part of the former Yugoslavia. When he was just a child, Slovenia’s most celebrated pop hero had just two wishes in life; to be a famous soccer player or a rock star. One day his father went out to buy him a new pair of shoes and came back with a guitar instead, and the dye was cast for the boy who would someday become Magnifico! Always changing his image and his sound, Magnifico’s latest album, Grande Finale is a wild mash up of spaghetti western guitars, gypsy horns, funk, techno and a trashy Balkan style known as turbo-folk. The album sets the tone with a twisted take on an old favorite you’re bound to recognize which Magnifico calls ‘The Land Of Champions’. BTW, any artist worried about internet piracy should take a page out of Magnifico’s book. True to his unpredictable nature, he made Slovenian history by releasing 100 thousand copies of his new CD for FREE, as an insert in the daily newspaper. It’s gone on to become one of the country’s best selling albums to date.

Key Tracks: The Land Of Champions, Pismo Kumu (Rambo Rambo)