Carried To Dust - Calexico

Quarterstick Records

Some bands can immediately transport you to a time in music history. Calexico take us to an exact location. Anyone who has ever been exposed to the Sonoma Desert of the American southwest will feel its desolate beauty with every sonic atmosphere Calexico creates. Those atmospheres are packaged a little more true to form this time around compared to Garden Ruin, their last venture which pulled the reins in a little too tight. Joey Burns and John Convertino have penned some new Calexico classics that harken back to the acclaimed Feast Of Wire album. Fresh blasts of mariachi horns and haunting twangs of pedal steel and guitar still exemplify the Calexico sound. Victor Jara's Hands is this album's 'Quattro (World Drifts In). It tells the story of an activist/musician who was gunned down by Chile's state police. The rhythm softly rolls forward like a tumbleweed and bursts into a surprisingly joyous mix of Mexi-horns, western twang and shuffling percussion. Once again, Calexico capture the pulse of the borderland with an album that borders on the sublime. Key Tracks: Victor Jara's Hands, Inspiracion