Jah Is Real - Burning Spear

Burning Music

Reggae fans should get to know Burning Spear through his new album, Jah is Real. Because, according to the laws of six degrees of separation, getting to know Spear will bring you closer to knowing Bob Marley and a whole generation of roots reggae pioneers who are fading into history. His music is a vital link to reggae’s golden age and his message speaks to the universal desire for a brighter future. Obviously inspired and energized by his recent trip to Kenya, where his performance soothed 65,000 Kenyans into peaceful celebration, Spear's latest testifies to the power of music and the voice of the people. One of his great gifts is the ability express complex problems in the simplest of lyrical forms. Tracks like Step It and One Africa could be school yard chants as easily as Ring Around The Rosy. And, similarly, the simple words belay a much greater message, but never so much that it isn't recognizable, just enough to be thought-provoking in the best tradition of conscious reggae. Another tradition Burning Spear upholds is a commitment to flawless production values. The disc is as crisp and clean as the waters that froth around his feet on the cover. Jah Is Real … real drums, real horns, real, timeless reggae music. Key Tracks: Step It, Run for Your Life