The Million Colour Revolution - The Pinker Tones


Some parents are a little too anxious to get their kids interested in music. Professor Manso is one half of Barcelona’s fun and funky music project called The Pinker Tones and his parents had him pegged for show business even before he was born. While his mother was still pregnant with him, his father would play an accordion on her stomach to develop the baby’s ear! Manso’s musical destiny was sealed when he met Mister Furia, another prodigy who could play the sitar before he even learned to walk! Together they collaborated on many television and film scores before forming a group that could combine the best of a live performance and a DJ set. They finally perfected the formula with their second full-length album entitled, ‘The Million Colour Revolution’, a kitschy blend of Latin rhythms, electronica and funkified disco that should appeal to fans of the Los Amigos Invisibles. The Pinker Tones are determined to make The Million Colour Revolution a global concern, releasing the new album in more than forty countries. A North American tour is next on their list.