Lunatico - Gotan Project

Ya Basta!)

Paris is crazy for tango. Maybe that’s one reason why the French collective, Gotan Project named their new album of seductive tango dub, ‘Lunatico’. For the follow-up to their chart topping debut, ‘La Revancha Del Tango’, the project made a pilgrimage to Argentina’s legendary ION studios where the great Astor Piazzolla cut some of tangos most memorable tracks. The new album bristles with authenticity as a result, while still providing lots of bump for hardcore fans of house music. Gotan Project don’t simply adore tango, they’ve liberated it in the context of today’s music universe. Gotan, by the way, is just Argentinean slang for tango, the same word only jumbled up. Gotan founder, Phillipe Cohen Solal says, “With this album, we wanted to continue the tango experience. Hopefully in ten years time, we’ll still feel the same.”