Travesias - Susana Baca

Luaka Bop

Susana Baca is another performer who draws from a unique, historical experience. Her music captures the soul of black Peru and the struggles of her enslaved ancestors. It’s a sound that has its roots in the coastal barrios of Peru but in Susana’s hands, these songs take on a universal appeal you don’t have to speak Spanish to appreciate. She’s one of South America’s greatest divas. The slave trade was ultimately responsible for so many music traditions that sprang up in the new world. For some, the cruel injustice of this chapter in history is a memory best forgotten. For others, it’s a well-spring of inspiration. Baca is a gifted singer who founded the Instituto Negro Continuo to teach and preserve the music of Afro-Peru. Her new album, ‘Travesias’ not only continues her exploration deep into her Black Peruvian roots, it’s a continuation of her desire to move this vital music forward into the present day. She says she’s looking to find respect for her once marginalized musical culture. As she puts it, “These memories can produce bitterness but they shouldn’t. We need to rise above it and music helps.”