Green Dress - Wayne Lavallee

Arbor Records

Ask Wayne Lavallee what he thinks about Led Zeppelin and watch his eyes light up. Like many North American kids, this Vancouver-born songwriter was raised on a steady diet of classic rock. But Wayne is also a member of the Cree Metis Nation and his heart is still stirred by its ancient chants and rhythms. His latest album called, ‘Green Dress’ was nominated for a Juno Award and took the ‘Best Album Of The Year’ honors at the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards. His latest album looks at the big, beautiful country of Canada from the viewpoint of its original people. His music has been called a contemporary take on native mysticism. Riding the wide expanses of musical influence, from rock anthems to ancient, aboriginal chants, Wayne is sharing the native experience with a new, global audience. Wayne’s website is not only a great introduction to the artist and his music; it’s a colourful photo essay that captures some of Canada’s supernatural beauty. Have a look at