Tandava - Tandava


Hindu culture views the daily rhythms of life as cosmic cycles of creation and destruction. The god, Shiva depicts these cycles through a powerful dance known as Tandava … the dance of bliss. Prashant John has been moving to global rhythms from his native Bangladesh, through India and South East Asia to North America. Along the way he’s collaborated with other musicians who are following the same cycles. In Tandava, he’s found his bliss, a Vancouver band that turns their collective music experience into a singular, exotic expression of new world music. Tandava is Prashant John on bamboo flutes, guitars, sintar and vocals, Lan Tung on erhu and vocals, Jonathan Bernard on marimba and percussion and tabla and percussion by Stefan Cihelka. The four members are all avid world music explorers. Together, they’ve created a musical life cycle that not only reaches around the world but backwards and forwards in time, linking new sounds to the ancient world in a blissful dance they call, Tandava.