Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend

XL Recordings

Four Columbia University grads are lighting up the internet and leading the parade to a new sound in popular music. Vampire Weekend have developed their own mix of indie rock and South African pop that has sent journalists scrambling for new adjectives to describe it. Among the best so far is ‘Passport Rock'. Think of it as the flip side of the coin from Worldbeat, which describes music by global artists who have adopted western influences, and adapted them to their own traditions. Vampire Weekend says, “It was just important to them not to use the same rhythms and styles of playing that so much rock music has used.” Is it cultural appropriation or appreciation? You be the judge. The band shifts gears constantly between itchy township jive, reggaeton, western classical and even Celtic. Vampire Weekend themselves describe their sound as ‘Upper West Side Soweto’.

Key Tracks: A-Punk, Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa