Andrea Echeverri - Andrea Echeverri


New life brings fresh inspiration into the world. And, Colombian songwriter, Andrea Echeverri certainly isn’t the first artist to find her muse in the first-time experiences of parenthood. Andrea is the voice behind the acclaimed Bogotá-based alternative band Aterciapelados or ‘The Velvety Ones’. In 2005, she took some time off for the birth of her first child, Milagros whose arrival inspired her to pen her first solo album. The project gives voice to her melodic brand of feminism as well as her keen sense of satire. On the disc she even pokes fun at the sexually-charged lyrics of a Colombian music style called ‘champeta’. The album is produced by her partner in Aterciapelados, Hector Buitrago and mixed by Thom Russo, famous for his work with Juanes, Kinky and Johnny Cash. Andrea is looking forward to reuniting with Aterciapelados down the road and recording more songs of hope and optimism for the people in the troubled nation of Colombia. As she puts it, “Colombia doesn’t need a heavy-handed approach. It needs a positive element to help people see through the darkness.”