Love Supreme - Asha Bhosle

Times Square

If you’ve ever had the joy of watching a classic Bollywood movie, you’ve no doubt been charmed by the voice of Asha Bhosle. One of India’s most recorded vocalists; she’s done playback singing for over 925 movies and counting! On the Asian subcontinent she’s known as ‘The Enchantress’ for her versatility and range, moving easily from pop to Indian classical in over fourteen different languages and dialects. Asha’s latest double disc is aimed squarely at the North American market, capitalizing on her rising status as an international superstar. ‘Love Supreme’ is a collection of Indian love poetry known as ghazals. But, for this album, modern arrangements of strings and electronics help The Enchantress cast her spell. Asha has the distinction of being the first Indian singer to be nominated for a Grammy award and, of course, she’s won almost every prize the Indian music business has to offer. Singing comes naturally to this 73 year old. She says, “Music is like my breathing. The day it stops, my breath will stop too.”