Iwa - Yanju


Technology changes the way music is made but it doesn’t change its message. Yanju is a Nigerian artist who is pioneering a new sound that takes the African rhythms and voices of his homeland and props them up with deep house beats and electronic treatments. Now a mainstay on London’s club scene, Yanju has recently packaged his ‘Afro-house’ music in his first CD called ‘Iwa’. While the album breaks new ground for African music, the issues it deals with are entrenched in Nigeria’s longstanding political and social turmoil. Once again embracing technology, Yanju turned to computer animation to illustrate the plight of Nigerian widows in his new video called ‘Lonely Woman.’ Watch for it on world.beats. In addition to spinning his Afro-house music in London’s night clubs, Yanju is also working on a novel and a film script.