Mind How You Go - Skye


The enchanting voice behind Morcheeba is back in business with sparkling new solo album. Morcheeba sketched out the blue print for the next phase in the evolution of acid jazz which became known as trip-hop. The British trio defined their new sound through dreamy electronics and chill beats, but mostly through the silky and seductive voice of Sky Edwards. She’s eluded her fans since parting company with her Morcheeba band mates in 2003. But, this year she’s resurfaced with a solo album that showcases her velvety tones in a whole new light. Skye called her new album, ‘Mind How You Go’, something her mother would say to her every time she left the house as a child. She says she always knew that it be the name of her first record. She took the name Skye from her own initials. She was born, Shirley Klarisse Yonavive Edwards. Key Tracks: Love Show, Solitary, Powerful