Watina - Andy Palacio & the Garifuna Collective


The Garifuna are among the most threatened cultures in the Americas. Only two hundred and fifty thousand remain, scattered though out Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Belize and in small communities around the States. Their language and their musical heritage are vanishing. Andy Palacio, a young Garifuna performer from Belize has recorded a new album to preserve their voices and their rhythms for the future. Critics are hailing it as one of global music’s most important releases since The Buena Vista Social Club. But, Palacio takes in the view of a much bigger picture. He sees music as the salvation of his people’s traditions. Each track on his new album, Watina a features a specific Garifuna rhythm. As he explains, “It was a conscious strategy. I feel that music was the best way to preserve the culture. It's a way of maintaining cultural pride and self esteem - especially in young people." In Garifuna culture, every day experiences become something to sing about. Watina means ‘I Called Out’. It’s about someone stranded on the road who is unable to get a ride. In a marketplace full of mechanically-crafted, cookie-cutter pop, it's music that sings with humanity. Key Tracks: Wattina, Lidan Aban, Amuńegü