Album 4 - Rumba Calzada


One could assume that for Rumba Calzada, an album title is not as important as acknowledging this particular point in the journey. The previous three albums from these Vancouver stalwarts on the Latin music scene have also received simple, numerical designations. It makes more sense when you consider that the band is continuing a legacy of Latin rhythms that goes back three generations to percussionist/leader Raphael Geronimo's grandfather. The extensive breeding is very evident in the new disc which continues to explore the pulse of bomba, porro, mambo and of course rumba. But while a seven piece (relatively compact by Cuban band standards for instance) may tend to leave a little roughness around the edges, Rumba Calzada overlay the beats with a sheen of sophisticated and silky melody. We are very fortunate in Vancouver to have a Cuban-style pianist of the caliber and sensitively of Lou Mastroianni who expertly balances the tricky rhythmic aspects of his craft with jazz refinement. He plays against the vibes of Nick Apivor, creating a smooth counter-point that floats on every track. Number Four is another four star effort from one of our city's finest. Key tracks: El Porro, Rapid Mambo, Noticias, Afro Spirit