Kulcha Nation - Mihirangi

Black Market Music

Mihirangi Mee-hee-rung-ee is a beautiful performer who is putting her own spin on the singer, songwriter tradition. Born and raised in New Zealand with an abiding respect for her Maori heritage, her themes are indigenous while her methods are ingenious. Like her ancestors, she shares a profound spiritual connection with both the environment and her womanhood; topics which reoccur in her music. But, through the clever use of live sampling, she’s discovered a way to turn her lone voice into a chorus of ascent. In the spiritual beliefs of the Maori people of Polynesia, all living things are descended from the many gods who are embodied in the forests, rivers, mountains and oceans. And, as Mihirangi learned as a child, everyone has an opportunity to express themselves as these deities through the course of their lives. By using loop pedals for live vocal sampling, she has in effect found a way to express herself in many different voices at the same time. Her astonishing technique and impassioned sincerity have made her a festival favorite around the world and an eloquent ambassador of Maori culture. Key Tracks: Wash Away The Day, Deeper, Slave