With Lasers - Bonde do Role


When asked to describe her band’s music, MC Marina Vella says Bonde Do Role Bon-gee dough ho-lay “is the ultimate stupid party.” One listen to this Brazilian trio’s debut album, “With Lasers”, which squeezes twelve tunes into a half hour of mayhem, and you’re likely to agree with her. It’s kind of stupid but a lot of fun. At the core of their mash-up is a style of music particular to Rio called, Baile Funk … party music that’s more yelling than singing, especially popular in the favelas, the shanty towns of Rio. The lyrics are sung in a sub-dialect of Portuguese called Pajuba, used by the gay community but not widely understood anywhere else. Add in elements of heavy metal and cheesy discotronics and you have what CSS call their favorite Brazilian band. Influential global DJ Diplo, who’s also worked with MIA, helped shape Bonde do Role’s sound. He describes it as being like, “digging through the garbage in Brazil, using the pieces to make a club mess and then turning the volume up to Ten." Key Tracks: Solta O Frango, Office Boy