Techari Live - Ojos de Brujo

Six Degrees

If Ojos de Brujo is the next step in the evolution of global music, then the future is fresh, fun and fearless. One of global music’s most revolutionary collectives, the 'Eyes Of The Wizard' blasts the boundaries between Flamenco and Hip Hop, Rock and Reggae, Indian and Arabic. After a world-wide tour and receiving universal praise for their latest studio album, Techari, (Techari literally means ‘free’) the ‘Eyes of the Wizard’ boldly planned a home coming concert in Barcelona. The show would reunite them with all the guests who performed on the studio recording. And, the spectacle would produce a new CD and DVD package called Techari LIVE. The package is a feast for the eyes as well as the ears, including a fabulous documentary look at preparations for the big show and several striking video clips. Xavi Turull, the group’s percussionist says, “What keeps Ojos de Brujo together is that nobody is looking to make the deal of their life and get rich. We are a self –managed band with no sponsoring from multinationals."

Key Tracks: Silencio, Color