White Moth - Xavier Rudd


Political personas like Al Gore, film stars like Leonardo diCaprio and scientists like David Suzuki are all using the clout of their celebrity to sound the alarm about the world’s environment. Their message is resonating with many of us, and music, in its role as ‘the voice of the people’ is right there, promoting environmental activism. Xavier Rudd is one voice who stands out in the chorus. While some critics have dismissed the bare foot solo artist as merely an Australian hippie, there is no denying his passion for nature and the people who live in harmony with it. It’s also hard to question his natural gifts as a musician. He’s a ‘one man orchestra’, playing Hawaiian lap guitar, hand drums, didgeridoo and other instruments, often at the same time! On his fourth album called ‘White Moth’ he spreads his wings and spreads his message still further. He’s opening up to more collaboration as well. Better People, the first single from the new disc features Vancouver keyboardist, Panos Grames. When he’s not touring, Xavier Rudd splits his time between Australia’s Gold Coast and Canada’s West Coast. His Vancouver ties are evident in his choice of producer for White Moth; acclaimed local sound smith, David Ogilvie. Key Tracks: Better People, Stargaze, Footprint