Volta - Bjork


For someone who has so fearlessly marched forward into the unknown, it’s amazing to think of how few missteps Bjork has made in her music career. Since she started her first all-girl punk band called Spit And Snot when she was fourteen until this year’s release of Volta, her sixth solo album, this Icelandic innovator has enchanted and beguiled us with her boundless imagination. For the ‘Bjork-curious’, the new release may just be the perfect introduction to her weird and wonderful world. Volta strikes a balance between her frequent flights of fancy and her poppier moments. Leading edge production by Timbaland keeps the disc grounded and the beats fat. The first single and album opener marches in to the buzz of electrified thumb pianos from the Congo’s ‘Konono Number One’. Bjork is not a stage name or affectation. It’s common for Icelanders to be referred to by their first name only. Bjork literally means ‘birch tree’. Key Track: Earth Intruders