Frontiers - Jesse Cook


One of the world’s favorite Nuevo-flamenco guitarists happens to be a Canadian. The Spanish influence started in the crib for Jesse Cook, when his family moved briefly to Barcelona and a local nanny would sing him to sleep. His new album, ‘Frontiers’ continues to push the creative possibilities for acoustic guitar. He’s also released a DVD recorded at Montreal’s historic Metropolis Theatre which showcases the intensity and agility of his live performances. Jesse almost dismissed a career as a performer. He was convinced his contribution to the music industry lay in composition for film and other off-stage pursuits. That is … until the strength of his guitar playing made it impossible for him to hide his light behind the scenes. A young Jesse Cook met the Gipsy Kings in the early eighties. He explains, ‘That was when I hooked on that percussive approach to playing guitar.” Frontiers is brimming with that percussive style and with his accomplished band and guests like Egyptian-Canadian vocalist, Maryem Tollar, he expands the music's traditional boundaries south around the Mediterranean and touching on the Indian subcontinent. Key Tracks: Matisse The Cat, Vamos, Havana