Rogamar - Cesaria Evora

Sony BMG

The ocean is integral to island life. It’s what separates islanders from the rest of the world and it’s the common bond that joins them with each other. The most famous resident of the Cape Verde chain of islands, Cesaria Evora returned home to record her tenth album called Rogamar or ‘Pray to the Sea’ and water is a theme that flows through every track. The ocean’s ebb and flow reflect the life in her songs about love, loss and humankind. But, one aspect of the recording was imported from overseas. Brazilian composer, Caetano Veloso’s arranger, Jacques Morelenbaum added the strings in Rio de Janeiro. And though five hundred miles separate Cape Verde from the African mainland, the barefoot diva joins with her brothers and sisters across the water in wishing peace and progress for that part of the world. The album’s first single, Africa Nossa is a tribute to Africa with Senegalese singer, Ismael Lo. BTW, The strings on Rogamar aren’t the only connection between the Cape Verdean island of Santiago where she was born and Brazil. Her hometown of Mindelo is renowned locally for its Carnival celebrations which have earned it the nickname, ‘Little Brazil’. Key Tracks: Africa Nossa, Rogamar