SIGNIAtures - Signia

Music Waves

A signature is as individual as a finger print. Signia have just released the second album of what they refer to as, “West Coast Canadian Neo-bhangra” and it’s called SIGNIAtures. The core duo of San-J and LV are trail blazing a new west coast expression of South Asian-inspired urban … a style that has set them apart and got them noticed. The title, ‘SIGNIAtures’ is a nod to their distinctive approach. San-J and LV are letting the music flow from within, without design or premeditation. They never set out to force eastern and western elements together or become the next big Indian thing. Their sound is a reflection of who they are; young talents with diverse tastes in music, and where they live; in the cultural diversity of Vancity. It’s a method that seems to be working as Signia evolve into the city’s biggest bhangra band. That's literally. The new album also marks a huge growth spurt for Signia who have expanded from a duo to nine members! Key Tracks: Karlo Ashiaan, Wind With Me feat. Ray Mitchel, Dil Nachde feat. Dehli 2 Dublin