Supermoon - Zap Mama

heads Up

Vocal magician, Marie Daulne has completed the sixth album for her Afro-European project called Zap Mama. In a world consumed with celebrity, the new disc celebrates the real deal; that genuine spark within us all. Honesty and integrity are never far from the art that Marie Daulne has been creating from fifteen years now. Reflecting on the shallowness of today’s celebrity culture, her sixth album hinges on a word she’s coined to describe a person who is unique to the core … not a super star but a ‘Supermoon’. The new disc continues to explore Afropean possibilities with generous helpings of funk, soul and jazz. At this point, she can scarcely do much wrong. She is definitely one of the voices of our times. .Key Track: Toma Taboo, Gati, Supermoon