Prosperity - No Luck Club

Igloo Cartel Recordings

The trinity has a special meaning in Chinese mythology … three spirits representing fortune, wealth and long life. The trio of Matt and Trevor Chan, along with DJ Paul Belen, are creating a trilogy of albums based on the three Chinese deities. With ‘Happiness’ already under their belts, they’ve recently recorded the second chapter called ‘Prosperity’. No Luck Club is a Vancity trio who are at the leading edge of a new and exciting urban music subculture … instrumental hip hop. Their recordings are threaded together by cultural themes based on Chinese mythology. Instead of the albums being a collection of lyrical stories, No Luck Club has arranged their instrumentals in suites, much like the way western classical composers did. The result says a lot about the band and where they come from without really saying a word. Key Tracks: Turntables On The Bayou, Dosa Hut Chase