CéU - CéU

Six Degrees

As one reviewer put it, “Samba has an old soul and a new voice.” Seldom has the global music media been so unified in their praise as they have been for the debut album by CéU Sow (like a female pig). Her name can mean either ‘sky’ or ‘heaven’ in Brazilian Portuguese. Both words aptly describe the ‘floating on air’ textures she’s created for her new samba sounds. Equally impressive is how fresh and timeless the album continues to be despite the fact that it first received limited exposure back in 2005. This year it was re-released internationally by the ground breaking Six Degrees label and its momentum continues to build. CéU avoids the electro-bossa rhythms that have become all the rage in Brazil and the staple of her label-mate, Bebel Gilberto. Instead her compositions lean toward dub and sampled interpretations of the music she grew up on. As she muses in one song, “samba sticks to the soles of my feet." There’s good reason why CeU’s music sounds so mature on her first recording. Her father is a composer and musicologist in Sao Paulo who gave her a deep appreciation for Brazilian music at an early age. Key Tracks: Malemolencia, Roda, Ave Cruz, Samba Na Sola