No Place To Be - Matisyahu


Mathew Millar grew up a typically uninspired kid in White Plains, New York. He dropped out of school, and adopted a ‘dead-head’ lifestyle, wandering around the States, following the jam band, Phish as they toured. Then, while camping in the splendor of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, he had a religious epiphany and he turned to Judaism to find peace, and to reggae music to express it. After being named Billboard’s Reggae Artist of the Year in 2006, Mathew, now known as Matisyahu took his band to Israel to perform and connect with his religious roots. Although Matisyahu may seem like an anomaly in global music as a converted Hasidic Jew chanting reggae music, there are many commonalities between Rastafarianism and Judaism. Both, for instance would acknowledge his unkempt beard as a symbol of righteous observance. On his latest CD/DVD, ‘No Place To Be’, Matisyahu talks candidly about living life in both worlds. The DVD footage also captures the vibe of one of his live performances in Israel during a pilgrimage to the ancient city of Jerusalem. The CD itself takes a bit of a backseat in this package, containing only seven tracks with three of those being remixes, but then again, reggae has never been bashful about milking a riddim. Key Tracks: Jerusalem, Dispatch The Troops, King without A Crown