Gypsy Brass Legends ‘The Story Of The Band ' - Fanfare Ciocarlia

Asphalt Tango

World music’s most intriguing expressions occur at the crossroads between cultures. In the case of Fanfare Ciocarlia, it’s a small village straddling the border between Romania and the former Soviet Republic of Moldova. Fanfare’s trumpet player, Costica Trifan confesses, “When I tell people where I’m from, they think I come from the end of the earth. But, here at the end of the earth, it’s the right place to make music.” The gypsy brass bands of the region can trace their roots to the Turkish military brass bands of the early nineteenth century during the Ottoman occupation of the Balkans. Today, the tradition is embraced, and continues to evolve with modern influences from Bollywood to Hollywood. This is the inspiring story of the Uzari gypsies who inhabit the Balkan borderlands. Gypsy Brass Legends is a fascinating new documentary look at how these resilient people have brought joy into their hard, agricultural lifestyle through music. And, not just any music; but high-speed dance tunes pumped out by big brass bands. You get a rare glimpse back through history to explore the origins of these groups and some great video clip extras that capture the gritty essence of their lives. Make sure your DVD plays PAL.