Greatest Hits - Todos Tus Muertos


The 90’s sparked an explosion in rock en espanol that brought fresh sounds from Latin alternative bands like Aterciopelados, Café Tacuba, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs and Todos Tus Muertos to North American ears for the first time. Unfortunately, the upheaval in the record industry which followed left some of these ground-breaking bands out of print and out of luck reaching an international audience. That’s what happened to Argentine ska-punks, Todos Tus Muertos who ceased to exist for 10 long years as far as North America was concerned. Thanks to a new champion for Latin alternative music, Nacional Records, Todos Tus Muertos can pick up where they left off, appropriately enough with a Greatest Hits package, full of their edgy, bouncy and rebellious racket. Guitarist, Horacio Villafane shows the band has a soft side when it came to picking tracks for the Greatest Hits CD. He claims, “It’s almost like having to choose which of your kids you love more. The best part for the band is remembering the great times and planning for more to come.”

Key Tracks: Mate, Guantanamera/Hijo Nuestro