Songs Of Life - Nazarenes


From Marley forward, conscious reggae artists have been posting their Rastafarian epistles to Ethiopia, the homeland of Emperor Hailie Selassi. So, it’s interesting to hear reggae coming back from the holy land in form of two Ethiopian brothers, Medhane and Noah Twolde, the Nazarenes. It’s very much another concept album; the titles ranging from Song Of Judgement Day to Song Of Mary Jane to Song of Memories. It’s roots, pure and simple but with the most soulful vocals to emerge since Marvin Gaye. The ‘Songs Of Life’ are intoxicating, wrapped in authentic arrangements of horns, clavinet and skanky guitar. Surprisingly, reggae is considered underground in Addis Ababa where the brothers were born. Thankfully their straight goods are now readily available in the New World.