Post Nuevo - Tango Paradiso


Though it’s often associated with high society and elegance, the tango’s true origins are more dockside than downtown. During the late eighteen hundreds in Buenos Aires, tango developed in the port’s bordellos, as ‘play acting’ between a prostitute and her pimp. It’s believed that ‘tango’ came from the Latin word, ‘tangere’, which means ‘to touch’, and the closeness of this dance touched more than a few nerves among socialites who saw it performed for the first time. But, the intense beauty of tango’s rhythm and the melody of the bandoneon would soon win hearts across all classes and inspire musicians around the world. Tango Paradiso are an award-nominated quartet from Vancouver who strip away the layers of time to recapture the original drama and danger of tango. And, by unlocking its secrets, they are creating new steps for the dance in the post modern world. Their sophomore release, Post Nuevo points to this future and, with the addition of many fine original compositions they are changing the idiom of this music, forging new possibilities that Astor Piazzolla may never have imagined.