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Some biblical scholars propose that Armenia was the site of the Garden of Eden. But, through wars, Soviet occupation and continuous border disputes, this neighbor of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Iran has been less than a paradise in modern times. Today, as the country regains its independence, its arts and culture are starting to filter into the western world. Gor Mkhitarian is an Armenian performer living in LA. He was the lead guitarist for one of the country’s most beloved rock bands called, Lav Eli. Today, he writes in the classic folk style of his homeland but revitalizes the music with thoroughly modern arrangements. He says, “I’m trying to build a bridge between cultures, especially between Armenians living at home and those who are living abroad.” He represents the best of Armenia’s emerging new music scene and the video for one of his hookiest numbers, ‘Wherever’, which is sung in his native language, is included as part of the album package. That clip took top honors at the 2005 Armenian Music Awards. The newer work reflected on his eponymous album continues his introspections on life, love and God but now the songs are in English as Gor reaches out to a larger audience in his adopted home. And, it seems to be working. More and more people are discovering the simple elegance of Gor’s melodies. Some of his North American friends are even making the effort to learn a little Armenian because of his music. As Gor exclaims, “What could be a bigger compliment than that?”