Charmed & Strange - Yoav

Field Recordings

Yoav uses every surface of the guitar to blur the lines between acoustic and electronic. Light music was never tolerated in his home in Israel and later, in Cape Town where he grew up. His mother was an opera singer and ‘Classical’ was the only sound heard in the house. So, as a nine year, Yoav would sneak next door to his friend’s place to listen to Wham and OMD. From there he was hooked on the beat. After years of piano and cello lessons he rebelled and started to learn guitar, but it was hard to emulate the chilled rhythms of Massive Attack or Portishead with just an acoustic … until he started to experiment with tapping, live sampling and basically, DJing with his guitar. “The more I did it,” he says, “the more possibilities I found.” Every note and beat you hear on his new album, Charmed and Strange has been coaxed out of his trusty acoustic. Check out the album’s first single which proves that in Yoav’s hands, it’s more than just a guitar… it’s a Club Thing. Yoav’s first taste of the spotlight came as a 15 year old at a Crowded House concert in South Africa. He was invited on stage to sing with band in front of 15 thousand people and received a standing ovation.

Key Tracks: Club Thing, Yeah, The End